Monday, May 28, 2012

Hiking Gear Reviews

This year your friendly Cape Scott Park Facility Operators will be reviewing the gear we use while on the job. We've been working and living in coastal British Columbia's backcountry parks for nearly a decade. We spend hundreds of collective days and hike thousands of collective kilometers in Cape Scott Park and on the North Coast Trail every year. So who better to field test backcountry hiking gear than us? 

Stay tuned for our gear reviews on tents, hiking boots, water purification systems, backpacks, stoves, rain jackets and just about everything else. We might even review a few chainsaws for you trailbuilders out there...


  1. Challenge to you! count the # of Hubba tents you see all season Lol.

    1. The MSR Hubba is on our list for sure. We've been using them since 2008 on the North Coast Trail. Fifteen days at a time, heavy rain and wind, we've even dropped them out of helicopters. Cheers!